Advice for Future Student Bloggers

This blog was something that was a very different assignment compared to many I have had in the past. It brought out a new aspect of learning and I was really able to incorporate things in my everyday world, into what I was learning and being able to expand on it a lot more. When I started out I was very unsure on how I should go about my whole blog. I was really worried that I would be unable to blog well. I quickly realized that it is as simple as having a basic conversation with someone or writing out a message on my phone to send. Blogging allows many students and people to be able to write about what they want and in the direction they feel is necessary without the stupid rules of MLA or APA format. We really don’t need to make sure we always spell out can’t as cannot or use would not instead of wouldn’t.

Advice I have for future student bloggers, whether it be in Professor Billman’s class or another class, is to enjoy the process. Future student bloggers should not look at this assignment as another tedious task that is just going to take time out of our days. I believe that the student’s should really try and dive deep into their blogs and enjoy the content they read and write. From myself doing this, I learned a lot more about others in my class, on the site, and even myself. There were many blog posts that I have written for this class that I am surprisingly proud of.

This blogging assignment was something that I was very wary of to begin with. I soon realized that I enjoyed blogging and felt like I could really express my feelings and use my writing skills much better than if I were writing a paper on a video I had to watch like I do in other classes. Future student bloggers should really enjoy this opportunity and look at it as a way to get homework done but also being able to relax while doing it. The thirty or so minutes it takes to write a blog that you are proud of can be the most relaxing thirty or so minutes of your day.


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