Waze- GPS Navigation, Maps, Traffic & Parking

For my free app that I used for the week, I decided to use the app Waze. Though it is on the top charts of the free apps on iTunes, I have heard many great things about this app. Waze is a GPS navigation application. Not only does it help people get from place to place, you can add different stops on the route you have set up on your phone. This was a feature I found super helpful because not only could I get to multiple places without stopping my current GPS session, I could also know how long it would take me to get to my first stop and final destination.

Another great feature that I found with Waze was the warnings it has. It has a feature where it allows the users of Waze to put warnings for other drivers. The warnings range from potholes to police. This allowed me to travel back and fourth from home and school on the highway without worrying about speeding or getting a ticket.

Along with the warnings it gives, it lets you set up a profile. With this profile, you are able to send your ETA, estimated time of arrival, to your friends. The best part is that your friends did not have to use or have Waze on their cellphones. It sent them a text message telling them when you will be arriving at your destination and stops being made. This feature made my mom very happy because she never had to worry about if I got to school safely. All she had to do was check her phone!

Waze is a great app. There are many different features on Waze that your phone’s GPS or Google Maps do not have. It allows you to make different stops, remembers where you park, and send your ETA to your loved ones. Waze is an app that will definitely be staying in my phone.


One thought on “Waze- GPS Navigation, Maps, Traffic & Parking

  1. This sounds like a neat app, even better than Google Maps. I like the pictures you chose to represent the app, it makes me want to get it even more! I’m surprised I have never heard of it before.


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