A Chopped Salad-A State’s Favorite

Finding something to write about for my own choice blog post was a tough one to think of. I just thought I would google Public Relations, go to News, and see what would come up. After searching through a bunch of boring and over written articles, I found an interesting one. This article showed a great looking salad and I was intrigued.


I opened the article, OMFG, It’s a Salad with Its Very Own Public Relations Campaign, and saw that the yummy chopped salad I was now craving from the picture, is now a state salad. Not only will states have state birds, flowers, insects, and whatever else, they will also have a state salad. Arizona is the state that is now the owner of The OMFG Salad. Before I move on, I was quickly disappointed when I found out that the acronym is not what you would expect. It is not ‘The Oh My F***ing God Salad’ but rather ‘The¬†Original Mixed Feel-Good Salad’. Lame.

Though this may be a weird topic to blog about that has nothing to do with Public Relations, I thought about who in the world came up with this. It had to of been someone in Public Relations that mentioned the idea as a joke, and someone went with it. Though it is a funny story, I feel that it is very unnecessary and almost brings down the professionalism of a job in Public Relations. Public Relations is a very serious and important job for many people who have hired them. Some people, especially people in the spotlight, use it to make sure their lives do not end up in shambles.

Public Relations is a job that should be taken serious and our country should not be known as having state salads. Though it was an interesting read and funny thought, it was definitely something I was not expecting to see under my public relations search on Google.




2 thoughts on “A Chopped Salad-A State’s Favorite

  1. I totally thought the exact same thing when I saw OMFG salad! I find it interesting and unnecessary that Arizona has a state salad. I agree with your statement that it turns a Public Relations career into a joke because it seems like the most important thing for a Public Relations person to do is to write about the newest state food, bird, color, etc. when it isn’t a priority. Great job on this post!


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