Social Media & How I Use It

Social media is a part of life that we are all surrounded by. The kids growing up all have social media, including my thirteen year old sister. She has had an Instagram for almost two years now and is always on it. All of her friends are using Instagram too. Not only do they use Instagram, they also use Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Many may feel they are too young but it is now a part of everyone’s lives.


I use all social medias. I use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and probably a bunch of other accounts on not so popular social media applications that I have forgot about. I usually use my phone to scroll through my feeds. Instagram is solely for pictures and putting a fun twist on my pictures that I like to post. With Twitter, I use that to find funny jokes and even information on it. If there is something going on in the world, I go to Twitter to find out more information and see how people feel about it. With Facebook, I use that to usually talk to my family and share Tasty videos-Facebook usually just ends up making me hungry to be honest.


A function I believe that is currently missing from my favorite social media is actually a function that they used to have. My favorite social media to use is Instagram and the function they took away is posts being shown in real time or in chronological order. They now only show posts that they think we would like and based on the likes we have given. I feel like I miss a lot of posts from people that I like and I do not believe that they should have taken that function away. I know when they did take it away that many people were upset.

Social media is something that will be around for a very long time. It is bringing people together in many different ways from all over the world. Social media can be used for great things and you can see how I really feel about social media and how we should use it on my previous post, “go like my insta post I just posted”.


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