Comment on kenright19’s blog post: Finding inspiration through blogs

February 10, 2017

I love the blog you chose! Not only does it have an eye catching appearance, but it has a lot of interesting, everyday topics like you said. I found a lot of the subjects she talks about not very relatable but still very interesting. I grew up in a large town and do not even know anyone who has done a pageant so reading those blogs makes it very hard to stop! It is pretty cool that we can see what her life is just by simple blog posts. I love that you were able to relate to this stuff and put your own personal touch on it.


Comment on Cassy’s Blog: “Are you involved with the social media?”

February 24, 2017

Great post Cassy! I totally agree with you on your opinion and how you use social media. I use it the same exact way! I like how you mentioned how people are fighting for Instagram likes, comments, and popularity because it is scary true. I used to use GroupMe all the time and I honestly only use Facebook for those yummy Tasty Videos. I like how you explained each social media application so people can truly understand what each one is.


Comment on Jordan’s Blog: Twitter Scavenger Hunt

March 20, 2017

Great post Jordan! We have a lot in common. I also transferred to St. Ambrose University and it was the hardest but best decision I made. St. Ambrose is filled with so many great students and teachers. I loved all of your tweets you incorporated because they have a lot of great photos to really show others what SAU looks like.


Comment on Kristin’s blog: 20 years of communication did what?

March 26, 2017

Great post Kristin! I couldn’t agree with you more on how we have all viewed communication change throughout our 20 or so years on earth! Group me has been one of my life savers trying to find a way to communicate with multiple people with different phones and even time zones. That being said, many arguments have come up because like you said, all kinds of text can be misinterpreted. Great view point on the topic and a great read.


Comment on Kaela’s blog: Apple, Android, Google-Oh my!

March 31, 2017

Great post Kaela! I totally agree and feel that you really wrapped up everyone’s opinion on social media and the changes on each generation. It is kind of scary that we are lacking many important tasks/abilities and it is even scarier than many younger generations feel that it is way more important to know how to work Twitter than to know how to change a tire.


Comment on Kathryn’s blog: The Use of Social Media

April 6, 2017

Great post Kathryn! I agree, Instagram is one of my favorites. Social media is a great place for people all around the world to connect and to keep in touch. It is very helpful for everyone away at college.


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