Advice for Future Student Bloggers

This blog was something that was a very different assignment compared to many I have had in the past. It brought out a new aspect of learning and I was really able to incorporate things in my everyday world, into what I was learning and being able to expand on it a lot more. When I started out I was very unsure on how I should go about my whole blog. I was really worried that I would be unable to blog well. I quickly realized that it is as simple as having a basic conversation with someone or writing out a message on my phone to send. Blogging allows many students and people to be able to write about what they want and in the direction they feel is necessary without the stupid rules of MLA or APA format. We really don’t need to make sure we always spell out can’t as cannot or use would not instead of wouldn’t.

Advice I have for future student bloggers, whether it be in Professor Billman’s class or another class, is to enjoy the process. Future student bloggers should not look at this assignment as another tedious task that is just going to take time out of our days. I believe that the student’s should really try and dive deep into their blogs and enjoy the content they read and write. From myself doing this, I learned a lot more about others in my class, on the site, and even myself. There were many blog posts that I have written for this class that I am surprisingly proud of.

This blogging assignment was something that I was very wary of to begin with. I soon realized that I enjoyed blogging and felt like I could really express my feelings and use my writing skills much better than if I were writing a paper on a video I had to watch like I do in other classes. Future student bloggers should really enjoy this opportunity and look at it as a way to get homework done but also being able to relax while doing it. The thirty or so minutes it takes to write a blog that you are proud of can be the most relaxing thirty or so minutes of your day.


Waze- GPS Navigation, Maps, Traffic & Parking

For my free app that I used for the week, I decided to use the app Waze. Though it is on the top charts of the free apps on iTunes, I have heard many great things about this app. Waze is a GPS navigation application. Not only does it help people get from place to place, you can add different stops on the route you have set up on your phone. This was a feature I found super helpful because not only could I get to multiple places without stopping my current GPS session, I could also know how long it would take me to get to my first stop and final destination.

Another great feature that I found with Waze was the warnings it has. It has a feature where it allows the users of Waze to put warnings for other drivers. The warnings range from potholes to police. This allowed me to travel back and fourth from home and school on the highway without worrying about speeding or getting a ticket.

Along with the warnings it gives, it lets you set up a profile. With this profile, you are able to send your ETA, estimated time of arrival, to your friends. The best part is that your friends did not have to use or have Waze on their cellphones. It sent them a text message telling them when you will be arriving at your destination and stops being made. This feature made my mom very happy because she never had to worry about if I got to school safely. All she had to do was check her phone!

Waze is a great app. There are many different features on Waze that your phone’s GPS or Google Maps do not have. It allows you to make different stops, remembers where you park, and send your ETA to your loved ones. Waze is an app that will definitely be staying in my phone.

The Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials That Grabbed & Kept Viewers Attention

Though the Super Bowl was quite some time ago, the commercials are still sticking with a lot of us. I decided to pick out the top ten commercials from the Super  Bowl that caught and kept its viewers. I believe that these advertisements would be very successful in selling because the commercials were so funny/good.

  1. Buick


  1. Its a 10 Hair Care


  1. Google Home

  1. Turbo Tax

  1. Budweiser

  1. Shields

  1. T-Mobile

  1. T-Mobile with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

  1. Tide

  1. NFL

A Chopped Salad-A State’s Favorite

Finding something to write about for my own choice blog post was a tough one to think of. I just thought I would google Public Relations, go to News, and see what would come up. After searching through a bunch of boring and over written articles, I found an interesting one. This article showed a great looking salad and I was intrigued.


I opened the article, OMFG, It’s a Salad with Its Very Own Public Relations Campaign, and saw that the yummy chopped salad I was now craving from the picture, is now a state salad. Not only will states have state birds, flowers, insects, and whatever else, they will also have a state salad. Arizona is the state that is now the owner of The OMFG Salad. Before I move on, I was quickly disappointed when I found out that the acronym is not what you would expect. It is not ‘The Oh My F***ing God Salad’ but rather ‘The Original Mixed Feel-Good Salad’. Lame.

Though this may be a weird topic to blog about that has nothing to do with Public Relations, I thought about who in the world came up with this. It had to of been someone in Public Relations that mentioned the idea as a joke, and someone went with it. Though it is a funny story, I feel that it is very unnecessary and almost brings down the professionalism of a job in Public Relations. Public Relations is a very serious and important job for many people who have hired them. Some people, especially people in the spotlight, use it to make sure their lives do not end up in shambles.

Public Relations is a job that should be taken serious and our country should not be known as having state salads. Though it was an interesting read and funny thought, it was definitely something I was not expecting to see under my public relations search on Google.



Twitter Scavenger Hunt

How Professor Bee’s feel about social media.

Student at St. Ambrose University telling us what he uses to keep up with the news of the world.

School Spirit!

Academic excellence at St. Ambrose University!

So many clubs to join while attending school.

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Favorite place for a treat! (Freestyle)

The most beautiful place on campus! Ambrose Hall can grab everyone’s attention.

The Rogalski food court is many students favorite eating spot!

Social Media & How I Use It

Social media is a part of life that we are all surrounded by. The kids growing up all have social media, including my thirteen year old sister. She has had an Instagram for almost two years now and is always on it. All of her friends are using Instagram too. Not only do they use Instagram, they also use Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Many may feel they are too young but it is now a part of everyone’s lives.


I use all social medias. I use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and probably a bunch of other accounts on not so popular social media applications that I have forgot about. I usually use my phone to scroll through my feeds. Instagram is solely for pictures and putting a fun twist on my pictures that I like to post. With Twitter, I use that to find funny jokes and even information on it. If there is something going on in the world, I go to Twitter to find out more information and see how people feel about it. With Facebook, I use that to usually talk to my family and share Tasty videos-Facebook usually just ends up making me hungry to be honest.


A function I believe that is currently missing from my favorite social media is actually a function that they used to have. My favorite social media to use is Instagram and the function they took away is posts being shown in real time or in chronological order. They now only show posts that they think we would like and based on the likes we have given. I feel like I miss a lot of posts from people that I like and I do not believe that they should have taken that function away. I know when they did take it away that many people were upset.

Social media is something that will be around for a very long time. It is bringing people together in many different ways from all over the world. Social media can be used for great things and you can see how I really feel about social media and how we should use it on my previous post, “go like my insta post I just posted”.


Comment on kenright19’s blog post: Finding inspiration through blogs

February 10, 2017

I love the blog you chose! Not only does it have an eye catching appearance, but it has a lot of interesting, everyday topics like you said. I found a lot of the subjects she talks about not very relatable but still very interesting. I grew up in a large town and do not even know anyone who has done a pageant so reading those blogs makes it very hard to stop! It is pretty cool that we can see what her life is just by simple blog posts. I love that you were able to relate to this stuff and put your own personal touch on it.


Comment on Cassy’s Blog: “Are you involved with the social media?”

February 24, 2017

Great post Cassy! I totally agree with you on your opinion and how you use social media. I use it the same exact way! I like how you mentioned how people are fighting for Instagram likes, comments, and popularity because it is scary true. I used to use GroupMe all the time and I honestly only use Facebook for those yummy Tasty Videos. I like how you explained each social media application so people can truly understand what each one is.


Comment on Jordan’s Blog: Twitter Scavenger Hunt

March 20, 2017

Great post Jordan! We have a lot in common. I also transferred to St. Ambrose University and it was the hardest but best decision I made. St. Ambrose is filled with so many great students and teachers. I loved all of your tweets you incorporated because they have a lot of great photos to really show others what SAU looks like.


Comment on Kristin’s blog: 20 years of communication did what?

March 26, 2017

Great post Kristin! I couldn’t agree with you more on how we have all viewed communication change throughout our 20 or so years on earth! Group me has been one of my life savers trying to find a way to communicate with multiple people with different phones and even time zones. That being said, many arguments have come up because like you said, all kinds of text can be misinterpreted. Great view point on the topic and a great read.


Comment on Kaela’s blog: Apple, Android, Google-Oh my!

March 31, 2017

Great post Kaela! I totally agree and feel that you really wrapped up everyone’s opinion on social media and the changes on each generation. It is kind of scary that we are lacking many important tasks/abilities and it is even scarier than many younger generations feel that it is way more important to know how to work Twitter than to know how to change a tire.


Comment on Kathryn’s blog: The Use of Social Media

April 6, 2017

Great post Kathryn! I agree, Instagram is one of my favorites. Social media is a great place for people all around the world to connect and to keep in touch. It is very helpful for everyone away at college.

“go like my insta pic I just posted”

I clicked on 60 of the best Public Relations blogs in the world and the first blog that caught my eye was SpinSucks. I was expecting something more professional and boring, like the many I saw before and after, but I knew that SpinSucks would be interesting.


Opening SpinSucks you see a lot of posts with very interesting topics. Topics ranging from the basics like “Build Your PR Content Strategy with This Targeted Toolbox” to “Gin and Topics: You Got a Friend In Me”. As I was scrolling I found a post called, “How Being Generous on Social Media Will Change Your Life” by Paula Kiger. I was interested in this because social media is known for somewhat ruining peoples lives no matter how they act. My first thought was how it is going to be dropping simple compliments on peoples Instagram pictures and making sure to like everyone’s Facebook posts, even the people that you did not like. I realized that I was way off.

I began to read this article and I could not agree more with Paula. She talks of her twenty year old daughter and how her life is much simpler and less complex than hers was at twenty. She talks about Pandora and Rate My and how we make our lives much simpler by using them. Everything she said was very true. My generation is so used to being coddled to and we are known as the generation to get participation trophies. We want to have the easy way out, even if that means that we have to have six classes back to back, three days a week, all because we needed easy teachers with minimum school work. We do not have to worry about getting any country music in our Gang$$ter Rap Spotify playlist we spent weeks on trying to perfect as well.


Our lives are incredibly simple now a days. We can follow, creep on, and talk to anyone we want in the whole world. That may sound scary, but we have the ability to do so much more and talk to so many more people than our parents ever could. Though social media can bring on issues that should never be there, or even seen as important, it can bring very important discussions. We have the chance to affect and connect with so many people and what we are mostly concerned about is how many likes we get on a Instagram post and how many retweets we could get in 24 hours.

Social media is a platform meant to connect with people everywhere. It is meant for us to meet people that we may not have the same interests in or have the same type of background. We should not be using social media to bring our popularity points up, but to engage with people who can teach us valuable life lessons and show us the importance and beauty in life. We should never shield ourselves from different people just because they do not have the same amount of followers. We were meant to be generous.

Surfing the “blogsphere”

I was a little worried about this first blog post for my Principles of Public Relations class. How was I supposed to know what to say about a blog when I have never blogged in my life before? I decided to just dive right in and see what I could get. I began to look on other blogs on and found an enormous amount of blogs to talk about. I think it took me about an hour to discover one that really caught my eye. The blog I found was about a woman who is traveling around the world. Her name is Haylsaway and her blog is very interesting and eye catching. She travels to places I have not even dreamed about going to. Her and a few friends load up a van and go. Of course, sometimes the van needs to stay put somewhere because it can not travel to certain places.

I could probably write for quite some time about what I like about her blog. Her blog shows insight on everything she did on every trip. She will comment about what she ate, where she stayed, where they went, and what they did. Not only does she explain everything in detail, she adds beautiful pictures of every place they visit. My favorite blog she posted about was her trip to Greece’s many islands. I have always dreamed about going to Greece because of their beautiful architecture, culture, and of course, beautiful turquoise waters.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset
One of Haylsaway’s beautiful pictures from Milos

Of course, with any blog, there will be something that a viewer may not like. One of the things I did not like about Haylsaway’s blog would be there were not any widgets. What I was hoping to find would be maybe her social media pages, mainly her Instagram. This is because I would love to have an ability to view her world about her blogs while I am scrolling through my social media. Her pictures are beautiful and I would love to pretend I am somewhere she is while in class or walking around in Iowa’s frigid temps.

Something I would love to incorporate into my own blog that I got from Haylsaway’s would have to be the pictures, amazing detail, and organization. Her blogs were very well thought out and organized so the flow worked very well.

Finding Haylsaway’s blog was a blessing and a curse because I am able to see the beauty of the world but I am not the one living it.